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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do you offer more than just CBD?
    We offer all kinds of herbal products aside from CBD including herbal tinctures, herbal powder blends, aromatherapy, natural beauty products, herbal infused masage oils, CBS vapes, and a range of holistic services including; RN Herbalist consults, Health Coaching programs, Anti-inflammatory Diet Coaching programs, infrared suana, Massage, Reiki, Yoga etc...​
  • What are the benefits of ingesting CBD?
    Topical CBD helps relieve pain, lower inflammation, and helps treat skin conditions in the localized area of use
  • What can CBD help with?
    pain, arthritis, inflammation, migraines, anxiety, neuropathy, sleep, fibromyalgia, lyme disease, skin/acne, blood pressure, immune support, diabetes, reproductive, IBS, gut disorders, MLS, ALS, Parkinson's, seizures and more. What it comes down to is that CBD/cannabis works on bringing your body back into homeostasis(balance).
  • Whats the difference between an isolate, broad spectrum and full-spectrum products?"
    An isolate CBD product means that only contains the one singular molecule CBD. (these product wil not show up on a drug test) Broad-spectrum means it the entire hemp plant and all of it's botanical except THC (these products will not show up on a drug test) Full-spectrum means that it contains all of the plants botanical compounds including THC. (may show up on drug test)
  • How to take CBD or herbal remedies properly?​
    consistency is key when it comes to herbal healing. Herbs take time to build up in your system in order to feel the effects/relief. It is necessary to use your herbal​ products at least 2-3x daily over a longer period of time. ​
  • Does CBD show up on a drug test? ​
    as long as you purchase high quality products, any type of isolate or broad-spectrum product should not show up on a drug test.​ Full spectrum products can/will show up on drug test.
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