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CBD Love Potion - Personal Lubricant

Have you heard all the craze about CBD personal lubricant?! Well we are hear to educate you on how this new product, now available at the clinic, can help you in ways you never imagined!

How our CBD Love Potion helps

  • Increases circulation and blood flow

  • decrease inflammation

  • helps muscles relax

  • great for woman who experience pain during intercourse

  • "some woman have reported heightened sensitivity and better orgasms with the use of CBD lube" according to Dr. Kecia Gaither, board-certified OB-GYN

  • helps with general vaginal dryness

  • can be used to treat yeast infection

  • can decreases/lower pain

Made with only natural ingredients

Have you ever noticed how many unnatural ingredients are in commercial store bought lubricants? Some ingredients are not meant to be used in or on the vagina as they are toxic and throw your pH balance off which leads to all kinds of unwanted problems.

Ingredients to avoid in lube - just to name a few...

  1. Glycerin

  2. Nonoxynol-9

  3. Petroleum or petroleum-based ingredients

  4. Propylene glycol

  5. Parabens

  6. Chlorhexidine gluconate

  7. Flavored lubes

  8. Preservatives

  9. Benzene

  10. Benzoic acid

  11. Benzocaine

Our newest product "CBD Love Potion"

We are exited to announce that our newest product is made with organic sunflower oil infused with full-spectrum hemp flower oil.

We chose sunflower oil as our base because our research shows that sunflower oil is most bio-available to the body. Meaning it is highly effective in the absorption process when ingested or applied. We also added vitamin e oil as it is a natural preservative. The texture is a light and is food grade if it so happens to be consumed(;

Keep an eye out for it, we will send an email blast when it is available on our website!

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