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Herbal Tinctures - Most Popular at Clinic

We have natural herbal tinctures that supports healthy immunity, gut health, digestion, liver health, sleep, anxiety and everything in between. Using herbal tinctures is one of the easiest and and effective way to administer botanical medicines into the body. We always suggest to have your own personal apothecary full of different herbal compounds that support different ailments and the health of specific bodily systems.

We have a large selection of single herbs some common and some unique as well as herbal blends that have a few herbs that all support a specific ailment/goal.

Here are just some of our most popular tincture blends and isolates to give you an idea of our large selection;

- Mushroom tinctures

- Rest & Relax

- Brain and nerve - headache away

- Calm & Collected

- Digestive bitters

- Male prostate

- Awake & Alert

- Stomach Calm

- Female - fertility & libido

- Male - fertility & libido

-Adrenal support

- Candida

- Colon - Stool move

- Histamine

- Valerian

- Black cumin seed oil

- Ashwagandha

- Kava kava

- Cramp bark

- Cayenne

- Burdock root

Our best recommendation

We highly recommend that you speak with our RN Herbalist professional as he has years of background knowledge in western medicine and herbal healing. You are able to share your health goals/ailments and receive professional advice and guidance to ensure you're using the proper herbs as well as understanding of how to use botanical medicine most effectively. Otherwise we always recommend that you do your best research on whatever ailment or goal you're trying to achieve and find select herb(s) that supports the health of that ailment/goal.

The staff of Renewal Wellness Clinic are believers that herbal healing optimizes the health and wellness of the entire body - as we have all reaped incredible benefits on all levels of healing, mentally, physically and emotionally. We have helped hundreds of patients make the switch to a more natural approach to healing which then changes their life on every level. With helping our patience get off their pharmaceuticals and onto a more natural regimen, they are suffering less side effects, less need for more medications, and TRUE healing at the root of their sufferings.

We also want to mention that you don't necessarily need to be sick to benefit from herbal remedies. Actually; herbs are one of the best tools used in preventative health. Using herbs and remedies that simply support a healthy immune response can mean the difference between optimal health or not.....Just by simply adding certain herbal remedies and botanical compounds into your daily routine can shift and benefit your entire body's health and wellness.

How to take

Most of the herbal remedies we recommend taking 1/2-1 full dropper 2-3 times daily over a longer period of time to start feeling results. Herbal medicine do not function in the body like pharmaceutical drugs do. It takes time and effort but the effects are far more healing than a chemical filled man-made drug. Herbal healing simply amplifies your body's natural ability to heal itself.

Humans and all animals in fact have never "healed" at such rates as we do now with western medicine. The main reason most people use western medicine as a means to heal is because of its convenience. It kills off infections instantaneously and gets rid of bad bugs on the spot! No wonder we are a society obsessed with immediate reward. However this western approach has taken a toll on humans natural ability to heal.

There was a day in age where when we got sick we would take the time, space and efforts to heal ourselves. Now, we lean on western medicine for a quick fix, so we can return immediately back to our fast paced lifestyles without wasting a second to truly look within to heal at the root of the problem. Most of our sickness actually stems from this exact reason - we never stop! People rarely let the body take a minute to sit and be still....we are so fast paced that we are constantly in a state of fight or flight and compromising our immune response - resulting in frequent sickness - and more frequent drug use to make up for it. Its a never ending battle.

We have seen this battle within ourselves and our patients. The constant battle between wanting to heal but unwanting to understand at the holistic and cellular level of health as we are all too wrapped up in our crazy lifestyles.

We offer holistic services that make it easier for you to make this transition. We want to help guide you in learning how to care for your bio-individual needs and heal at the root. We offer several holistic approaches to ensure the ease of your transition as well as support in accountability and other lifestyle changes with Shelbi - Health Coach. We also offer other services that help you heal at the energetic level such as; Reiki, CBD massage, infrared sauna, Integrated wellness sessions , and acupressure.

Look into all our services as well as products to see how you can start integrated a holistic approach into your healing journey.

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