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How an RN Herbalist can Help

During your appointment, our healthcare professional, Michael Schmidt RN will listen to your concerns and recommend treatment options for your ailments as needed. 

Michael has accumulated over 30 years of multidisciplinary nursing experience. He was also a diabetic educator, holistic health educator, herbal medicine maker, herbalist botanical adaptogen educator and Jin Shin do acupressure practitioner.

The last six years Michael has focus on medical cannabis and CBD, helping patients incorporate it into their overall health and wellness plan.

Hundreds of patients have successfully experienced improved symptoms for chronic pain and inflammatory disease, diabetes, Chrons, IBS, MS, ALS, seizure disorders, autoimmune disorder, Alzheimer’s, insomnia, opioid dependence and withdrawal and anxiety.

Michael believes that the Creator blessed us with thousands of medicinal herbs and plants that when consumed can lead to re-balancing and restoration of the human health leading to an improved quality of life.

Here at the clinic we help guide you in making the transition to a more natural treatment. If you are someone who is interested in making the switch or need guidance in learning about the world of herbal healing, schedule a consultation with Mike today!

You will have the time to express your ailments and concerns and he will walk you through the transitioning process.

We also offer guidance support services from Shelbi Miller, Integrated Health Coach if you need further assistance with accountability, proper nutrition for lowering inflammation, gut health education, meal plans, grocery lists, mental health support through talk therapy, journaling, yoga and meditation. We offer this service as extra guidance as you make this transition into your new natural health regimen. She will go over your health history and provide a sacred space to talk about all thing life through a holistic leans to get down to the root cause of your suffering - no more band aid approaches. True healing through proper nutrition, self-evaluation, balancing primary and secondary foods, accountability and continued educational resources to better your health. Schedule a consultation with Shelbi today!

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