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Kratom - Benefits & Dosing

Kratom is an herb that thrives in Southeast Asia. People have been using this natural remedy for thousands of years to help manage an abundance of symptoms from pain to mental clarity. It is mostly used as an alternative approach to pain management as it blocks the opioid receptor, making it one of the greatest alternative to pharmaceutical pain killers like opioids. As we all may know, we are living during a time of an opioid epidemic. Kratom has been one of the fastest-growing herbal remedies as it helped thousands get off their pharmaceutical pain killers.

Unfortunately, pharmaceutical companies are discrediting the powerful medicinal benefits Kratom has to offer as it is not FDA approved. When researching the benefits of Kratom online, some of the first articles that pop up do not support the use of Kratom as it can have negative effects if taken in extremely large doses. Just as any herb or drug can be harmful if taken in extreme doses... If you visit here you can read a trusted source that provides education and the science behind Kratom.


  • addiction treatment

  • mental cognition

  • diabetes treatment

  • sleep regulator

  • anti-inflammatory

  • immune support

  • aphrodisiac

  • helps fight chronic fatigue


  • In our store we carry 4 different strains

  • Each having their own benefits and uses

  • Green: Said to be the most pain relief, a mild-stimulant as well as improving mood for up to 8 hours. Best used for day time.

  • White: Used mostly for its stimulating effect, helps with creativity, regulates sleep cycle, mild pain relief. Can help battle mental disorders; depression, anxiety, can increase productivity, concentration, improves social communications. Best used in the first half of the day. Effects last from 3-5 hours.

  • Yellow: Can be used to stress relief, most mild-stimulating strain, pain relief, positive mentality, improved concentration. Best used for evening relief. Last up to 5 hours.

  • Red: May offer great pain relief and relaxation. Most sedating strain, not stimulating. Best used for nighttime relief. Can be used to help fight insomnia and relief for opioid withdraws.


  • Dosing is highly individualized

  • Start with small doses and work your way up until you've found relief

  • Can be taken multiple times a day

  • Strains for day time energy as well as night time for relaxing

  • Recommended to start off with half a gram or 1, 500mg capsule and continue adding half a gram until you find relief


  • Be aware that most strains except for the red strains are relatively stimulating.

  • Similar to coffee but without the jitters

  • Stimulating strains offer uplifting effects of overall elevated thinking, awareness, concentration, and cheerful mood.

  • Sedating strains such as the red strain will offer a more relaxing & calming effect to the body as well as the mind.


  • It is smart to always be aware of any drug interactions that may occur

  • We recommend taking 1/4th gram of Kratom to see how it interacts with your body before taking any significant doses.

By: Shelbi Miller, Integrated Health Coach

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