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The Unfortunate Poisoning Truth - Gut Health

We all know how medications work....once you start one you have to take 3 more to regulate the uncomfortable side effect of the first one, and so on.... They send you down a never ending rabbit hole that completely depletes your body of vital nutrients it needs to function properly and at optimal health.

Our goal is to provide you the education to learn about all the topics we DON'T see on the media. The topics that big Pharma and the FDA want to keep secrete!

To put it into perspective; doctors get paid every time they prescribe a average western doctors only requires on average of 19.6 hours of nutrition. But spend all their studies on how to treat symptoms with an FDA approved chemical drug. This is absolutely absurd and very backwards in our opinion.

We are all being poisoned!

Did you know that everything non-organic is sprayed with extremely harmful chemicals to ensure a decent harvest? All crops are sprayed with a chemical treatment called "Roundup" with the key ingredient being Glyphosate. Glyphosate is a chemical made to kill and suffocate unwanted weeds however it it is being sprayed all over the foods that we eat! And the FDA approves?! Glyphosate ingested over a long period of time completely destroys proper function of the entire body starting with your gut microbiome.

Dr. Sherry Rogers' explains, "the glyphosate in roundup lowers the crucial mineral manganese, as well as amino acids tryrosine, phenylanine, tryptophan, glycine, and many more. There are among the nutrient deficiencies that deplete secretory IgA(the main antibody in the lungs to fight off HIV lung cancer). But the damage doesn't end there, as they cause leaky gut which then leads to autoimmune diseases and basically anything(chronic diseases & mental illness). Clearly leaky gut makes a person Corona-bait".(Sherry Rogers M.D. Total Wellness).

With that being said it is the small things like reducing the amount of any products made with grains such as; wheat, oats, spelt, corn, buckwheat, farro, millet, amaranth, kamut, sorghum, legume flour, quinoa, teff, tree nuts, tapioca, popcorn, and rice. This means most all packaged foods and everything-not labeled organic. Come to find out even organic products aren't "safe". Better than non-organic but not completely rid from these pesky chemicals. This is why detoxing the body is so important especially starting with the gut!

True health starts in the gut Microbiome!

No one ever talks about this! The media never expresses this KEY information. Our gut is directly connected to all the vital organs and have a direct impact on the health and function on the entire body; mentally, physicaly and emotionally.

When you have poor gut health, your entire body suffers. It suffers in many different ways and can be shown through signs of very diverse symptoms. Detoxing is absolutely crucial for optimal health as we live in a world with practically no escape from toxicity. Starting by becoming aware of what we put into our body so we can clean our digestive track and bring balance back into our gut microbiome; which will then improve all aspects of health and well being.

Gut health refers to the balance of microorganisms that live within our digestive track. We have good bacteria and bad bacteria. Good gut bacteria is necessary to help process the foods that we eat and make all the nutrients from our food bio-available as well as synthesize nutrients from whatever we ingest.

Bad bacteria, called pathogens, are what cause all the uncomfortable symptoms we may be experiencing daily. The goal is to replenish and feed our good gut bacteria with foods that promote these healthy flora. We will give a couple examples at the end of the article.

What lowers the health of our gut microbiome?

We acquire these bad bacteria by eating processed foods, taking anti-biotics, not eating a diverse array of plant based foods, lack of probiotics, drinking to much alcohol, lack of regular physical exercise, cigarettes smoking, not getting good sleep even experiencing to much stress effects the gut flora.

When you have poor gut health you may suffer from; low immunity, digestive problems, autoimmune diseases, poor sleep quality, high-sugar dietary habits, Weight changes that are sudden, Constant fatigue, feelings of brain fog, depression, anxiety, poor memory, ADHD, food allergies and sensitivities, diabetes, frequent infections, gas and bloating, mood swings, skin conditions, candida overgrowth, adrenal fatigue, poor quality hair and nails, chronic congestion, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, daily aches pains and sore muscles.

So, in western medicine doctors are trained to treat the symptom itself with a specific medication, not the root of the suffering. They will not however tell you you need to replenish and balance your gut microbiome simply because they DO NOT KNOW!! This is the "western" style of medicine & we believe it is not sustainable. The new wave of health and wellness falls into the hands of holistic/integrated practitioners.

What we need is a health revolution!

We have functional & integrated doctors, natropathic doctor, herbalists, integrated health coaches, energy workers, nutritionists and several other holistic modalities that help us get to the root cause of your suffering and heal from there.

No More Band-Aid approaches! True healing.

How we can improve our gut flora to optimize general health

Some simple lifestyle changes can be extremely transformational to our gut microbiome! Improving overall health, wellness and vitality! The more you start integrating these simple tools & foods into your daily life, the better you will feel!

-try to opt for locally grown or organic produce

-avoid processed/packaged foods as much as possible

-avoid sugary drinks

-less alcohol

-more water

-fruit first in the morning

-eat more fermented foods such as; kimchi, miso, kombucha, keifer, fermented vegitables, tempeh, sauerkraut.

- eat more prebiotic foods/fibers( legumes, onions, asparagus, oats, bananas, garlic, chicory, artichoke)

-eat less sugars and sweeteners, no matter if they are natural or not...

-reduce/manage stress

-avoid taking antibiotics unless absolutely necessary

-exercise regularly; even 15 mins of stretching is great

-get enough sleep; 7-9 hours

-opt for more natural cleaning products; just as antibiotics work harsh chemicals effect the body the same way

-opt for more natural hygiene and beauty products; better yet make your own!

-use less hand sanitizer and less antibacterial soups as this promotes "super-bugs" that are immune.

-avoid smoking

-eat a plant based diet


If you need support on your journey to making some of these simple lifestyle changes we offer several different services;

By: Shebli Miller Integrated Health Coach

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