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Top 5 Things to Check for When Choosing Your CBD

It seems like everyone is selling some form of Cannabidiol (CBD) these days. From the gas station, to the grocery store- it's hard to tell what is quality and what is not. We have compiled the Top 5 Things to Check for when choosing a CBD product for your family.

1. What is the source of the Cannabis in the product?

These days it is important to know where your food comes from. The same should be true for your CBD. The extracted CBD in all CBD products comes from the Cannabis plant. The conditions in which these plants were grown can have a great deal of impact on the final

product. Make sure the CBD you are using is organic and free from harsh chemical agents & toxic pesticides. There is a cheap and easy way to grow Cannabis, and there is the healthy way. Choose wisely!

2. Does it have THC?

Full Spectrum CBD products contain.03% THC. These CBD products contain the most amount of therapeutic cannabinoids. The extremely low level of THC is not enough for most people to experience a psychoactive effect, but since everyone's biology is unique, you can

start with a low dose if you are just beginning. Always wait 2 full hours to assess your tolerance level before increasing.

Broad Spectrum CBD products contain no THC. These are great for people who cannot tolerate any THC but still want the benefits of Full-Spectrum CBD.

Isolate CBD products contain no THC. These are often used by pets, or those who are highly sensitive to Cannabis/CBD.

3. What are the other additives?

Some manufacturers like to add fillers or unhealthy preservatives like PEG for various reasons. The best products tend to be those that are the simplest and closest to nature. Make sure your brand is testing in a 3rd-Party professional laboratory for potency, consistency, and public safety.

4. What was used to extract the CBD?

CO2 extraction tends to be the industry standard. Stay away from Butane extracted CBD if possible. We use MCT oil as the base in our CBD oil because it is the most bio-available oil for better absorption.

That was your crash course in the Top 5 Things to Check for! Now you're ready to make a more informed decision for yourself, pet, or family member.

Remember what you've learned and don't be fooled by the advertising techniques or flashy price deals. Trust nature and you can't lose!

"Let thy food be thy medicine."



To shop for high quality CBD products, visit us in person at Renewal Wellness Clinic in Tucson, AZ. Or you can visit our website at .


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