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What is a CBD Massage?

Benefits of CBD Massage here at our clinic

Getting a massage is not only one way to nourish your soul and practice self-care but it actually has a very large impact benefiting your overall health and wellness.

A Massage can reduce stress, improve circulation, reduce pain, eliminate toxins, improve flexibility, improve sleep, Enhance immunity, reduce fatigue, relieve depression and anxiety, reduce post surgery and post injury swelling.

Click the link to read more on the benefits of massage:

Here in our clinic we integrate massage and herbal medicine. Your session will include the use of CBD oil tincture, topical CBD liniment spray, CBD salve or CBD massage oil during the session.

CBD benefits include anxiety relief as it naturally interacts with the brains receptors respond to serotonin. Meaning it has the natural ability to calm the nervous system, creating a very relaxing session. The use of it topically can relieve pain from inflammation and the inflammatory response. Using it internally as well as externally creates a very relaxing and overall body melting massage, leaving you feeling completely renewed!

Click the link to read more information on other CBD health benefits, possible side effects, interactions, and what to look for in quality.

Our masseuse will concentrate any the areas that need most attention. Be sure to communicate your needs and wants to ensure you're getting a fulfilling experience.

We are taking a new approach to healing by biohacking and elevating your experience through herbal compounds. We are passionate about high quality; all of our products are made here in Tucson using all organic ingredients and loving intentions.

You can head over to the "Holistic Services" page and book any of our holistic healing modalities. Click the link below to schedule your sessions today!

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