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What is Bio-touch?

Bio-touch Healing is a gentle method of relaxing the body & awakening the body's innate healing.

It involves gentle touching of acupressure points to encourage the muscles to relax and the body to align itself.

Here is some info on research studies of the effectiveness of Bio-Touch Healing

EFT&TFT Tapping is a combination of Modern Psychology and Ancient Chinese Acupressure.

In an EFT&TFT Tapping session, Amy will guide you through breathing exercises, eye movement, and tapping of Acupressure meridians to release trapped emotions.

In research studies Tapping has been found effective for PTSD, anxiety,

depression and pain.

EFT/TFT tapping can benefit practically any health ailment including: PTSD, anxiety, pain, migrains, depression, digestion, habitual patterns, weight loss, self esteem, and is also a great tool for kids to learn to manage problems we've listed above. EFT/TFT addresses any issue at hand so you can bring awareness and intention to healing the specific symptom/ailment.

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