1500mg CBD Tincture

1500mg CBD Tincture

Our award winning full-spectrum CBD tincture is made from organic hemp with the highest quality bioavailable MCT (sunflower) oil.  Our products are trusted by thousands and can be found in doctors offes, dispensaries and health stores nationwide.


  • 100% Gluten & Soy Free, Kosher & Vegan Friendly.
  • Active Ingredient: Cannabidiol 1500mg
  • Other Ingredients: MCT (Sunflower) Oil, Cannabis (Hemp)
  • Recomended Usage: Place desired amount of drops under tongue for 1-2 minutes for full absorption.  You can schedule an appointment with our medical staff to discuss dosing recommendations or other product questions: (520) 268-8366
  • Our Unique Process in making Tinctures:

    We start with the highest quality, organic cannabis. Our plant's genetics naturally produce high cannabinoid potent cannabis, which allows steady crop/medicine supply. High quality plants and processes allow less plant material to be used when creating our products. Once our plants are harvested and selected to be made into products (must be over 20% CBD at plant level), they are sent to our lab. Here the plants are carefully tested and placed into containers of our MCT oil. Our MCT oil is an herbal medicine all by its self, created naturally using sunflowers we mimic the cannabis plant oils, where our CBD plant material is introduced for an extended period, gentle allowing certain medicinal compounds to integrate into our oil over time. After this lengthy procedure, the oil is then strained into test batches. After testing is complete we finish the product by adding any cannabis mg’s needed for that line with pure CBD Wellness Distillate (90+% CBD profile). This creates a tincture unlike anything else available, one try and you’ll feel the difference. Our tinctures are formulated for a quick onset with maximum bio-availability of the desired MG’s taken. All of our tinctures contain the same base formula. Our formula contains set high levels of natural plant acids (high omega-6 fatty acids), infused with our tocopherol formula, all organic sunflower derived.

    These naturally occurring botanical compounds have been shown to prevent or help reduce the symptoms associated with a vast array of conditions and ailments, including but not limited to: hardening of the arteries, cholesterol, and heart disease. Our tinctures are a natural blood thinner which can help to prevent clots, help widen blood vessels, lower blood pressure, and stimulate the heart (its also how they quickly absorb)

  • Our tinctures have been anecdotally helped patients with: Chronic Pain, Arthritis, Inflammation, Immune System Health, Diabetes, Obesity, Hair & Skin Health, PMS, Cancer/Chemotherapy, Anxiety, Depression, Sleep and more! Speak with our RN today about how implementing CBD into your health regimen may benefit you.

  • Cannabis tinctures are one of the most underrated ways to consume cannabis. Due to the lack of effective, properly formulated herbal remedies on the market/available to consumers to choose from, many give up after trying “CBD” claiming “it didn’t work” (Scientifically, CBD has to work for someone, unless what they had didn’t contain any or small amounts). We hear this all the time from customers who come in ready to give CBD Wellness a try after hearing great results from others. Many having tried multiple “CBD” lines, with no results before finding us.

    There are several advantages to using a CBD Wellness tincture:

    1. It is the best method for herbal intake.

    2. Our Tinctures are very potent, creating custom dosing

    3.  Full Spectrum of plants active/inactive ingredients.

    4.  Can be used discreetly

    5. Administered under the tongue, tinctures get into the system the fastest.

  • Disclaimer: Always consult your physician before starting any supplements. This product is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. Not recommended for use while pregnant. Renewal Wellness and its affiliates do not accept any responsibility for the misuse of this product. 

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