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All natural, high quality oils for a deeper nourishing and non-stripping cleans. Use instead of normal soap to cleanse face to achieve a deeper cleaning that removes clogged pores without stripping your body's natural oils.  Ingredients: sweet almond oil, sunflower, jojoba, vitamin e, apicot kernal, castor and avocado oils A perfect balancing blend for all skin types. 


To use; With clean hands put a quarter size in your hand and massage thougholy over your entire face. Focus on your trouble spots a bit longer as well as draining your lyphnopes. With a clean wash cloth run under hot water, ring it out, place over face until cold (DIY steamer!) Then with the wash cloth go ahead and wipe away all access makeup and oil from face - also doubles as a gentle exfoliator. 

All Natural Gentle Oil Cleanser - 4oz

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