Love Bundle

Love Bundle

ngredients; sunflower oil, 100mg full-spectrum CBD. 

All of our 100% natural products are made in small batches to ensure their quality shelf life. Our oils are bottled in an air tight amber glass bottles with a treatment pump to ensure complete seal resulting in longer shelf life. 


Sunflower naturallt has a shelf life of 2 years. We sugest you use this product up in a year - you will (;


How our CBD Love Potion helps

  • Increases circulation and blood flow

  • decrease inflammation

  • helps muscles relax

  • great for woman who experience pain during intercourse

  • "some woman have reported heightened sensitivity and better orgasms with the use of CBD lube" according to Dr. Kecia Gaither, board-certified OB-GYN

  • helps with general vaginal dryness

  • can be used to treat yeast infection

  • can decreases/lower pain


We chose sunflower oil as our base because our research shows that sunflower oil is most bio-available to the body. Meaning it is highly effective in the absorption process when ingested or applied. We also added vitamin e oil as it is a natural preservative. The texture is a light and is food grade if it so happens to be consumed.



If you experience pain durring intercourse, apply at least 15 mins before penetration so it has time to start working on relaxing the muscles in the area. This also promote blood flow resulting in higher pleasure sesitivity. 


Bath bomb are great for relaxing and pain managment 

Great for gifting significant other so they can experience a luxurious relaxing bath that will sooth any aches and pains.


Massage oil - 125mg

This is great for a personal self care tool to use for general body oiling as well as localized pain reliefe. Great to use on significant other to help them relax and get in the mood! 


Our selected blend of oils that allow smooth application; infused with organic herbs with a dash of selected essential oils. 


We infuse our body oils here at the clinic the traditional way. We collect organic herbs and submerge them in our oil blend and let brew for about a month.


This can be used to treat aches, pains, soreness and even skin conditions. 


It is mild in scent, not to overwhelming, however it's aroma profile is a bit more earthy and floral.


We sell to local LMTs, spas and our patients at the clinic. Can be used for pain treatment or beauty. 


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